Supporting our Candidates

At support2recruit we know that our business is people, and that we can only be successful because of the applicants we represent. That's why our candidates are just as important to us as our Clients.


We believe in a personal approach, providing a designated consultant who will look after you from the start of your application process right through to the end result. 


From the outset, our advertisements clearly describe the duties of the available vacancy, its location, the salary / benefits package, the industry you would be working in, and what the Client is seeking from the applicant in terms of qualifications, experience and skills. If your application meets the essential criteria set by our Client, then you will be contacted within a designated timescale for further discussion.


When we need to meet with you for an interview, we are flexible to meet in a variety of locations, including near to where the job is based or near to your place of work, and will do our best to make this at a time and date that is convenient to you.


At interview, you will be given a presentation on the company and the job to ensure you fully understand the role and are happy to continue with your application. We believe in total honesty at this stage, and will provide you with all the information about the comapny and role, including anything that may be percieved as a negative. You would then be interviewed against that vacancy, using questions derived from the job description to ascertain your suitability for the vacancy and your fit into the company culture and values.


Following your application you will be kept informed as to its' progress, and supported through second interviews / next stages right through to job offer stage. If you are unsuccesful, we will work with our Client to provide constructive feedbak to help you with future applications, and would retain your information on our database so that we can contact you with other vacancies which may be of interest.


And of course, all applications are treated in the strictest confidence at all times.


For further information, or a confidential discussion, please email or telephone us on 01942 819111, or use our contact form.

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